Why Surgical Oncology Matters?

  • Surgery is a crucial component in the treatment of many solid cancers. While it may be sufficient for early-stage cancers, advanced tumors often require a combination of treatments. Our Surgical Oncology Department is here to offer expertise and support for patients dealing with cancers affecting various parts of the body, including:

  • Head and Neck: Our specialists are well-equipped to manage cancers of the head and neck region, ensuring not only effective treatment but also the preservation of essential functions and appearance.

  • Breast: We provide comprehensive care for breast cancer patients, from breast-conserving surgeries to reconstructive options, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

  • Thorax: Cancers of the chest, including lung cancer, require specialized surgical expertise, and our team is here to deliver it.

  • Gastrointestinal Tract: We treat cancers affecting the digestive system, offering surgical solutions that prioritize your well-being and recovery.

  • Female Reproductive System: Our specialists handle gynecological cancers with care and precision, emphasizing both treatment and quality of life.

  • Bone and Soft Tissue: Cancers affecting the bones and soft tissues are challenging, but our experts are skilled in managing these cases effectively.

  • Genitourinary Tract: We provide comprehensive care for cancers of the urinary and genital systems, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment.

                The Hospital Has:

  • State-of-the-art Operation Theatres
  • Robotic Surgical System
  • Breast Oncoplasty
  • Cytoreductive Surgery (CRS) and Hyperthermic Intra-peritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)
  • Skull Base Surgery
  • Limb Salvage Surgery
  • Plastic and Micro Vascular Reconstruction
  • High Definition advanced laparoscopic unit
  • Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU)
  • Expertise in all sub-disciplines of Surgical Oncology
  • Head and Neck Team: Experienced in complex procedures like cranio-facial surgery and voice rehabilitation after laryngectomy.

  • Breast Team: Specializes in conservative breast surgery, oncoplastic techniques, and breast reconstruction.

  • Uro-Oncology Team:
    Experts in minimally invasive procedures for kidney, bladder, and prostate

  • Thoracic Oncology
    : Skilled in treating lung, esophageal, mediastinal, and pleural

  • Gynecologic Oncology Team: Devoted to female reproductive system cancers.

  • Orthopedic Oncology Team: Experts in limb-salvage surgeries and post-surgery rehabilitation.

  • These teams collaborate to provide comprehensive care in our Surgical Oncology Department, ensuring the best outcomes for our patients.

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